Sedona / Meteor Crater

Sedona / Meteor Crater

Sedona is a city in Arizona that is known for its large red sandstone formations, somewhat like those in Monument Valley. There are many trails in the area for hiking and biking.

Beautiful Sedona

Beautiful Sedona!

One of the most famous formations in Sedona is Cathedral Rock, which is an often-photographed site in Arizona. The formation can be ascended on a short, steep trail.

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Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater is located about 45 miles from Flagstaff, or about an hour and a half drive from Sedona. It’s the largest impact crater that has been discovered in the United States. Though it is named “Meteor Crater,” it is actually form a meteorite impact. It has official designation as a National Natural Landmark.

Sedona Trips

The crater is about 3,900 feet wide, 570 feet deep and is surrounded by a rim that is approximately 150 feet high. There are several hundred feet of rubble in the middle of the crater. Scientists estimate that the crater was formed about 50,000 years ago, and they consider it to be the most well preserved meteorite impact site in the world.

Sedona Trips

The crater was formed by a meteorite that was about 50 meters wide, moving at several miles per second. Estimates have the meteorite traveling at greater than 25,000 miles per hour when it made impact.

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