Learn Stay USA – Attractive Packages For You

We aim to provide the ideal American experience to international language learners. You’ll be able to learn the English language through both traditional methods and our own unique methods and exercises. As with any traditional program, you’ll spend time learning the English language from certified tutors. What makes our program special is that you will learn in small groups, not oversized classrooms. This technique enables our tutors to teach you grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation more successfully.

However, once again, we take learning one step further. You’ll also be educated through every day situations such as running errands, spending time traveling around the area, and taking part in pleasurable activities. Our packages include a number of different activities, ensuring that you enjoy your time while learning English.

All food, entertainment, and lodging are included in the packages below. When it comes to entertainment, the activities include professional sports events, museums, parks, theme parks and much more. As a result, you’ll be able to test your English skills in various situations and scenarios. Using this method will help you to learn the language faster and speak it much more like a native.

Depending on how far along you aspire to get involved into the English language, you can schedule packages for anywhere from one to three months.

Standard American Package

English Language Learning

Our standard package cost is $3,500 for one month. It starts out with two weeks in student housing where you will live with other international students and English tutors. Once the fun is done there, you’ll spend another adventurous two weeks with a host family. During the entire month, all of your food, lodging, entertainment, and 2 road trips are included in the cost of the package. That’s a huge part of the value that you are getting for such an affordable price!

Host Family Package

English Learning Package

The host family package costs $2,250 based on a one-month stay. It is available with numerous options and can last for one month or be extended to a durations of two and three months. In this package, English Language Learners spend an entire month with a host family and forgo the two weeks in student housing. Food is included, accommodations are covered as well as some entertainment.

We offer a number of activities that provide a true American experience to students.

They all work together to teach English in both a traditional and non-traditional way.