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LEARN STAY USA, LLC specializes in Educational and Entertainment Trips for people from all over the world. We are a company dedicated to providing the ultimate American learning experience at an affordable price.

We are dedicated to providing a top quality learning experience to all who take part in our program. We work hard to ensure each participant has the most exciting, educational, and memorable experience by providing excellent, individualized services.

Are you looking to improve your English skills and experience a taste of American culture? If so, then consider joining us. We offer the opportunity you have been looking for. If you are prepared to learn an American accent and have fun while doing it, we are the program for you!

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Our Specialties

Educational and Entertainment Trips 100
Top Quality American Experience For All Participants 100
Improve Your English Speaking Skills 100
Variety of Fun Activities 100
Wonderful Entertainment Experience 100
Polish your English skills in a month’s time. 100


True American Experience

Excellent Opportunity
You’ll be able to use your English skills while completing daily tasks and conversing with those around you while visiting outside attractions. As a result, you’ll be fully immersed in the English language 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fun Activities

Learn & Enjoy
We offer a number of activities that provide a true American experience to international students. They all work together to teach English in both a traditional and non-traditional setting.

Year Round Activities

Excellent Opportunity
There are also a number of year round activities available, so regardless of which time of the year you visit, you are always in for a memorable experience. Our activities are based upon those that Americans typically enjoy while on vacation, traveling across the country, or simply a weekend at home.